A more effective connection than email.

Text messages have an open rate of 98%. Use that customer touchpoint to its fullest potential by tailoring your response to your audience and making your contact details and listing or business info easy to find.

Mobility = Availability

Share all your contact info with potential customers and make it easy to connect with you directly. Mobile responsive, easy to find, easy to share and just a text message away!

Brand Yourself

Drive engagement by creating a custom code that makes it easy for your customers to remember you. Use your nickname, company name or neighborhood name for a memorable way to drive traffic to your listings or online brand presence.

Immediate Connection

Augment your communication strategy and increase traffic to your online footprint by prioritizing the mobile tool we all use most - our smartphone. Use your custom messaging to link to your site, landing page, or any other url that is part of your online presence.

Stand out locally and generate new leads that matter with TREBtext.

  1. Create your custom code and craft a personalized message that capitalizes on a direct customer touchpoint. Setup is easy and can be updated anytime via the easy to use online dashboard.
  2. Make your custom text code an integral part of your branding and communication strategy by including it on all marketing collateral. Use it to drive new leads to your digital footprint and brand presence with the swipe of a finger.
  3. Your tailored auto-response will immediately deliver to a potential customer when they use your code. You will simultaneously receive an email and/or text notification with details about the lead.
  4. Follow-up with new leads within minutes thanks to real-time data, connecting with your customers where they already are. Boost your overall customer experience, grow your lead funnel and increase your ROI using the power of local engagement and mobile marketing.

Grow brand visibility with your potential customer base.

Drive leads directly to your mobile business card to connect your printed marketing collateral to your digital footprint. Extend your brand’s visibility with a memorable custom code to make it easy for a potential customer to recall your business offering. Increasing your online visibility makes your business presence easy to share, easy to find and keeps it top of mind when it matters most.

Detailed reporting to drive more significant sales follow-up

Boost your customer experience by using qualified data to drive your lead funnel. Access your cloud-based webapp dashboard anytime and connect with your leads no matter where you are. Reach out to a potential lead effectively and immediately thanks to the data captured by the TREBtext system. Amplify your business intelligence and gain an advantage over your competition to drive more conversions.

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1 Code

One Custom Text Code. Use your custom code on all your marketing collateral and personalize the messaging of your auto-response so that new leads connect with you and your business offering at the right time.

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2 Codes

Two Custom Text Codes. Differentiate your two codes for separate customer segments, communities or marketing campaigns to further qualify leads for more significant sales follow-up.

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4 Codes

Four Custom Text Codes. Take advantage of four codes by personalizing them for different team members, different neighborhoods or any other branding strategy that will help drive your lead funnel.

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5 Codes or More

Need an enterprise level solution? We will tailor a solution to your needs so that you can start expanding your footprint, driving traffic and generating leads.

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